Writing Contests

On Sunday I saw a forum post about the contest at Flash Fiction Chronicles, 250 words max, and quickly wrote a story since it was the last day.

AE: the Canadian Science Fiction Review also has their contest up, deadline March 2. This year the theme is degrees. 200 words max, including the title. Must have a science fiction element.


Apocalypse story

It’s official. I sold a story to the Dark Phantasique anthology. Don’t know the publishing date yet.

It’s also great to see the buds bursting into leaves. It seems to have happened almost overnight. I guess spring is really here. 🙂

Novel: Children of the Cross

It’s spring. Spiders are crawling on the walls. Seems like a good time to announce my first novel.



Cora Walters works as a high-end call girl while looking after her twin brother, who suffers from schizophrenia. When their lives collide with a supernatural mafia, Cora’s daily struggles explode into one for the pair’s very survival, perhaps requiring the ultimate sacrifice of all.





Longer Version:

A golden fireball crashes into the Walters’ car during their drive to the cottage for summer vacation.  Thirteen-year-old Cora survives without a scratch.  Her twin brother, Nathan, spends two weeks in critical care and endures months of rehabilitation.

Nine years later, Cora works as a high-end call girl in Toronto and looks after her brother, who began suffering from schizophrenia during their last year of high school.  On the streets, meanwhile, a supernatural mafia hunts for the Light.  None of them knows where it will manifest.  None of them knows how it will manifest.  But their leader, Teresa, believes the Light is her only chance to destroy their progenitor before he wakes from his centuries-long sleep.

When their search finally bears fruit, Cora’s daily struggles explode into one for the siblings’ very survival, perhaps requiring the ultimate sacrifice of all.


You can pick up the ebook at Amazon and Smashwords. It’ll be available at other ebook stores in the coming weeks.