Short Story: Dead Things

I set up a second pre-order a few weeks ago, and it will be released on Friday, March 9th. The story “Dead Things” was originally published at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores back in December 2016.


A ten-year-old girl branded a misfit by her classmates helps a boy connect with his dead mother after she starts manifesting in their school.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

New Story Available: Bad Dog

I decided to try out pre-orders this year. The first one was for “Bad Dog” and became available February 14th. Retailers include Smashwords and Kobo.


An inexperienced freshman who still lives with his parents discovers the fate of his missing brother after spying on their beguiling neighbor.


WARNING: This ebook contains graphic sexual content and is intended solely for persons aged eighteen years and older.

Short Story: Dead Things

2016 was quite a year. Moved to Korea and got married. Funny thing is Korean servers don’t let me look at the Cosmic Root and Eldritch Shores website so it was hard to see what was going on with my story.

Turns it was just published on the site only a few days ago. Dec 28. You have to be a subscriber to the website to read the whole thing. It’s in the Young People from 4 to 400 section.

Check out the website. Hopefully you have better luck than I do here in Korea. 🙂

Campbell Award

Writertopia has put out their eligibility list for the Campbell award, available at:

I’m in my second year of eligibility for “Birth of an Apocalypse” and see quite a few familiar names alongside me.

Winning’s a long shot, but it’s still nice to see my name on the list. A nice way to start the new year. (The lunar one.)

Will also have some news soon about upcoming stories.

Short Story: Birth of an Apocalypse

“Birth of an Apocalypse” was originally published in the collection A Dark Phantastique, edited by Jason Brock, in 2014. Now the story is available on Amazon and Smashwords as its own little bundle of joy. Other ebook retailers to follow soon.

Birth of an Apocalypse


A young executive discovers the angels who have tried to seduce her over the past few years may have a darker purpose, one she has few options to escape.

Writing Contests Part II

It was an exhausting week, but I got my entries in for the Toronto short story contest and the AE micro contest.

Basically, Monday night, I got 2 hours sleep because my call time for Tuesday was 5:00am.
Tuesday, 4 hours commute, 10 hours work
Wednesday, 4 hours commute, 15 hours work
Thursday, 4 hour commute, 15 hours work

Doesn’t leave much time for sleep. But I enjoyed working on the Defiance set again, even if I was damn cold.